Signs of a dog with heartworm

What are the signs of a dog with heartworms

There are several signs of heartworm disease in dogs, some more common than others. Dogs with heartworms may present with any number of the following symptoms: Sudden weakness or collapse Difficulty breathing A cough Weakness Tiring easily during exercise Loss of appetite Anemia Slow weight gain Possible coughing up of blood Vomiting Diarrhea Skin rash Slow heart rate Low blood pressure Slow wound healing. Heartworm disease frequently goes undiagnosed because the symptoms are not easily recognized as being associated with a parasitic infection. The most obvious symptom of canine heartworms is a classic, wet doggy cough caused by larvae in the respiratory tract.

>Other common symptoms:

-Sudden weakness or collapse

-Difficulty breathing

-A cough


-Tiring easily during exercise

-Loss of appetite

How is a dog heartworm infection diagnosed?

The veterinarian will check your dog's temperature and listen to their heart and lungs. He or she may also look for signs of skin rash associated with the disease. They may order X-rays, ultrasounds, an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart) or blood test. One of the more common medications to prevent Heartworm is Heartgard.

Summary: There are several signs of heartworm disease in dogs, some more common than others. If your pet has any of these symptoms then they should see the doctor right away. Effects of a Dog Heartworm Infection on humans?  It is possible for a person to acquire heartworms from a dog, but this is very rare. People with severe lung damage or who have been on long-term steroid treatment and those who have organ transplants (especially lung transplants) are most at risk. One case of a human acquiring heartworms from a dog was reported in 2003.

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